There were many Kpop/Korean stars couples scandals recently and this post will be the compilation of scandals that are not so prominent to kpop fans or those that I felt that they are likely to be true.

1. Infinite/Secret Couples

From netizenbuzz’s rumour mill:

“Girl group ‘A’ member ‘B’ and boy group ‘C’ member ‘D’ are currently dating.

The way they met is actually quite amusing, as they were intoduced to each other after the break up of member ‘E’ from group ‘A’ and member ‘F’ from group ‘C’. E’s relationship with F was said to have been a rollercoaster due to F’s tendency to cheat, which was the cause for their break up. E was said to have spent many nights crying over the loss.

On the contrary, F started spreading rumors among idols about his relationship with E. Although E tried to get back at him, it never happened.

‘B’ and ‘D’ actually had no idea about the state of their relationship so when they started dating, they tried to include F and E in their dates.

(a – SECRET, c – INFINITE, Hyosung, Sunhwa, L, Sungjong – no one knows which one is b, e, f, d)”

Infinite and Secret members did not have many collaborations together and this is one of the few they have.

I also read from some other sites that Hyosung and L are dating instead.

But there are no concrete evidences for this rumour.

Just one day ago, I read this article from Allkpop.

While filming at “1000 song Challenge”,

“MC Lee Hwi Jae asked, “How do idols date these days?” and the members revealed, “They go up to whoever they’re interested in and ask for their numbers. We heard that female idols are much more upfront these days and confess their feelings to males first.”

Lee Hwi Jae also raised suspicion about INFINITE’s love life asking, “Is the earring Woohyun wearing right now possibly a couple earring?”, to which Woohyun seemed flustered and honestly replied, “A woman did give this to me as a gift.””

If the dating rumour is true, it seemed that it was Secret members that initiate for a date first.

As a inspirit, I don’t hope this rumour to be true.. :X

Look up for part 2!!


I am sure most of elf will be curious who is eunhyuk ex-girlfriend.. Through my investigation, I can 90% guaranteed that she is none other but hyoyeon from SNSD. I guess this picture is quite familiar to Eunhyuk’s fans right?

Ok, why do I said is hyoyeon, why not yoona or yuri??  I found somenone other but hyoyeon from SNSD.evidences that support what I said..

1. Eunhyuk admitted that he had dated a celebrity girlfriend before   

 On June this year, Eunhyuk and Leeteuk when to a variety show called,” Happy Together”. At the show, Eunhyuk  confessed that he had a  celebrity girlfriend in the past who once dated another male celebrity before.

The boy continued, “One day, I was hosting for a music program as the main MC. On the show, the girlfriend’s ex-boyfriend came up on stage for his performance.

Then I got a text from my girlfriend which she meant to send to her ex-boyfriend. She was talking about the good memories with her ex-boyfriend while they were dating, like how he often made secret signs on stage for her.”  This source is from Allkpop and they suspected that Eunhyuk’s ex-girlfriend is Lee Hyun Ji, an actress/model/singer, whereas his ex’s ex is Heo Youngsaeng of SS501. But from my opinion, I dont think is Lee Hyun Ji..

From what I know eunhyuk had hosted M!Countdown with Leeteuk and Shindong from 2006 to 2008 and SNSD debuted at 2007 so there is a possibility that that girl is from SNSD.

2. Eunhyuk admitted that he was in love

This happened in 2007.  Eunhyuk  alluded that he is in love by writing,

“I wanted to keep my promise about telling you when I meet somebody I love” (나 이런모습 처음이죠? 나도 처음이에요. 미안해요. 근데 사랑하는사람 생기면 말해주겠단 약속 지키고 싶었어요)

on his cyworld diary. Then the shy boy deleted the original post within 20 minutes and wrote

“Did I delete it too quickly? But I kept my promise.” (너무 빨리 지웠나요? 예전부터 했던 약속, 그거 지킨거에요)    

The year matched what I interpreted on the first point.

3.  Hyoyoen hinted on variety shows

On Champagne the girls were asked to send out text messages to other celebrities and ask “Tell Me Your Wish”… Tiffany gave out text messages to (Fin.K.L) 핑클’s Sung Yuri & Ock Joohyun and Hyoyeon sent one out to Super Junior’s Eunhyuk. Why Eunhyuk, WHY?? because she still like him?? idk..

During Strong Heart, Hyoyeon mentioned a guy that she like..

ok, I shall end off my post with this video

such a cute couple right?? Both of them are so awesome in dancing. As elf, should we give our blessing to them? maybe.. 😀

BY: (SkyOfLov3)

Credits: erionzazu(youtube), EastSeaPrincess(youtube) soybinyul(youtube), Allkpop, popseoul

Take out with full Credits!:)


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